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CAPCO’s adult education program is very dynamic as it tailored to meet the learner’s educational needs. The philosophy of the program allows one to move at their pace and adapts to their life schedule. Several learners have life challenges and barriers that prevent them from regular class attendance. A recent enrollee, who has been in and out of the program over several years, has recently resurfaced. She has in the past had part time shift work and she was able to secure full time 

employment; however, she needed to obtain a high school equivalency diploma to maintain employment after 60 days. She had re- enrolled in the program and applied to sit for the TASC TM exam.  When the results came in from NYS, she had passed all five of the exams. She is enrolled in the Getting Ahead Life Skills workshops to increase practical knowledge about being successful in new educational and employment environments. Her plans for the future are to enroll in post – secondary education in the criminal justice field while maintaining employment. The possibilities are endless and one step closer to assisting with self – reliance and sufficiency.

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