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Crown Leadership Circle is an initiative created to formally acknowledge our most generous benefactors. These experienced philanthropic advocates are a driving force in our efforts to create a better future for Cortland County.

Our Crown Circle are individuals and foundation leaders who show their commitment to our community by generously giving to the United Way at a level of $500 and above. Donations are leveraged across the most effective, measurable programs addressing issues in family support, health and income. We are grateful to our Crown Circle members, as they play an integral role in providing thousands of individuals each year with programs and services they need to improve their lives.

Please contact Christella Yonta, Executive Director, for more information.


Golden Crowns 10,000+

Brooks Family Foundation v

James M. Clark C    


Diamond Society $5,000-$9,999 

Richard and Nancy Kroot

Stephen and Deborah Geibel C


Emerald Society $2,500-$4,999 

Joy L. Hendrick 

Kenneth and JoAnn Wickman
Michael and Kathleen Stapleton

Catherine Bertini and Thomas Knobel

Charles (Bud) and Barbara Jermy C

Victor and Ann Siegle

Thomas Caminiti


Ruby Society $1,500-$2,499 

Catherine Bertini and Thomas Knobel

Marisa Clifford, DMD  

Anthony and Patricia DiGiovanna

Dr. Stuart Douglas, DMD  

Charles (Bud) and Barbara Jermy C 

David and Beverly Jones

Garry and Katia Marsted 

Terri Maxson 

Matt and Julie Neuman

William J. and Lynn M. Pomeroy C

Hon. Phillip and Marie Rumsey 

Dorothy A. Sarvay 

Ellie and Phil Swarr

Ronald Rivera

Phil and Diane Tennant

Antoinette Tiburzi 


Sapphire Society $1,000-$1,499 

Martha Allen

Don and Linda Armstrong

Roger W. Batchelder DVM C

Thomas Caminiti

Ernest Dodge 

Bonnie Eldred-Kress

John and Barbara Fauth C

Sapphire Society $1,000-$1,499 

Jacqueline Fergerson MD 

Donald Fisher

Carol Foster 

William J. Francis 

Gerald J. Gebhard 

Pat and Judy Hayes 

Sarah Hinchcliff

Charles (Chip) Jermy III 

Tammy Kieper

Kent A. Klanderman 

Jarrod and Wendy Kolodziejczyk

Tom and Judy Lickona 

Sam Mason ss

Lynn and Mike New 

Doug and Ellen Rahner

William Silvers

Bruce and Kimberly Stevens

Jay Yonta 


Opal Society $700-$999 

Joe and Rita Armideo 

Dale and Diana Davis 

Warren S Eddy 

Evan and Jennifer Geibel 

David and Beverly Jones 

John and Margaret Mason

Alan and Yee Rausch 

Quartz Society $600-$699 

Barbara Ackley 

Anthony and Janice Argentine

Michele Barno 

Kathleen Burke

Bruce and Lisa Eves 

Mark and Carrie Jackson 

Laurie Klotz

Larry & BJ Wright Charitable Fund v

Andrea LaChance

Kristina Lambright

Jane and Mason Morenus


Quartz Society $600-$699 

Mary Peterson

Andrew and Susan Polley

Don and Carol Reed C

Thomas Sorensen

Laurie Sperger 

Sharon Todd

Pearl Society $500-$599 

Kristin Avery and Tim Lockwood

Gwendolyn Barbato 

Lee Bechtel 

Marcia Bulger 

Loretta Cole-Eldridge 

Joseph and Katherine Compagni

John and Brenda Cottone 

Jeffrey Craig 

Cynthia and Gary Eberhart C

Mary Hickey

Sheryl Holbrook 

Susan Hoskins

Lisa Johnson 

Fred and Muriel Likel 

Craig Little 

Paul Lorenzo

Bandy Mack

Lois Marshall

Matthew and Michele McSherry

Matt and Kate Pitcher 

Alexis Shearer

Karen and John Shirley

Joe Shortsleeve 

Charles and Elizabeth Spaulding

Denise Wrinn

Christella and Tony Yonta

365 Small Business Leadership Circle

Adhan Piping  

Austin Machine  

Berkshire Hathaway-Heritage Realty

Complete Construction Concepts 

Economy Paving Company 


Petrella Bros Auto Body  

Upstate Auto Center  

What's Hot Magazine  

X101 Always Classic

C Charter Member

v Foundation/Non-profit/Service Club

ss Deceased

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