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Community Outcomes

Real stories of positive impact from your donation

At the young ages of 8 and 10, brothers Bobby and Evan knew there was trouble in their household. Mom was often sick, the rental folks were at the door to take back their unpaid furniture, and food was scarce. Mom enrolled the boys in the Bridges for Kids mentoring program at the YWCA, hoping to give her children some individual attention and time away from the day-to-day struggle of their home life.

Bobby, smiling, chatty, and energetic, loved to play basketball and go swimming with his mentor. He continually bugged mom about what day of the week Ashley would come to get him for their adventures. Evan, although older, was shy and struggled in school academically and socially. He looked forward to his weekly meetings with Celia because she found ways for him to be successful and feel special. One day she made his history lesson come alive when she taught him to play the Iroquois game of lacrosse.

Although mom tried to keep her family together, eventually it was no longer possible and the boys were placed in foster care.

The mentors were desperate to find the boys and continue to meet with them in this critical time. Eventually, communication was reestablished, and today the boys still see the mentors that have been their consistent lifeboat for two years. In a time when their lives were being torn apart, Bridges for Kids was able to provide the stability and caring that these boys so desperately needed. The boys’ smiles continue to shine brightly as the mentors arrive at their door each week.

Bridges for Kids Program

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