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Cortland Child Development Program:


Alex is two years old and just started at our program in March, 2018.  He is a curious little boy who has never been in group care before, due to his family’s inability to afford the weekly tuition costs.  Alex has very little discernible speech, has a great deal of difficulty relating to and playing with his peers, and is generally developmentally delayed.  More than anything, Alex needs to be in an environment where trained caregivers can help him learn, and where he can grow socially.  Alex lives with his dad, who works at Lowes and his step-mom, who is a classroom teacher at Child Development. Alex receives more than six visits from itinerant therapists throughout the week, and in the few weeks that he has been here, is already beginning to make progress toward meeting developmental milestones.  Thanks to scholarship funding through OPTIONS, Alex’s parents are able to work while he attends CDC.  Allowing tuition to be affordable for Alex’s family, he now has a promising chance at a bright future!

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