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Salvation Army

A woman came to our pantry very distraught; she had lost her job months ago and didn’t know what to do for food. We provided emergency food and crisis counseling so that she would be able to get through the upcoming week; she received both with profound gratitude. Over the next several weeks we had the opportunity to see her again, as she continued to receive food assistance from us. She had been to

several job interviews but had not received a response. One day, we received a note in the mail from her, saying that after her last visit with us, she had received a call, telling us that she had gotten one of the jobs she had applied for. In the note she expressed how grateful she was for all the love, care, and groceries she had received. She shared how thankful she was that we treated her with such kindness and respect, and how our assistance had helped to lift her spirits during a very difficult time.  That is what our food pantry is about – to offer support to those who need it, while they get back on their feet.

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